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Case studies don’t lie

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Why Pulpkey

Give Ads a human voice

Our mission is to give brands a human voice through collaboration with internet influencers leveraging their creativity and social intelligence. Creators make authentic and engaging branded content and post it to their organic audience. Grasp the power of advertisements that are personal and respectful of context

Creative Strategy and pre-vetted Creators

We carefully select and vet every single content creators based on the quality, impact of the content, engagements and suitability to work with brands. As much as we love technology we also believe that creativity is a wild mind and disciplined eye so we also help with the overall strategy of the campaign

Technology and Data

Pulpkey technology makes it easier to discover the right content creators, getting their attention, monitoring activity and measure the ROI. We use historical insights which are far beyond from the 'followers count' and include influencer’s posting habits, engagements quality, collaboration examples etc

Engage with Millennials

Millennials are shifting their attention from traditional TV/Radio to mobile phones. Social media influencers are the new ‘billboards’! With two hundred billion dollars in annual buying power most millennials are connected to their internet influencer ‘friend’ and trust them more than any traditional celebrity. Be the brand that enhance their lives. “Useful is the new cool”

Our network of creators provides a diverse range of content across all categories


How Pulpkey works

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We are a mobile first company

Are you marketing in the year that we actually live in? Pulpkey focus on the talent born from the mobile revolution who remains on the top of social economy. Our product offers a mix of both managed and self served solutions to your influencer marketing campaign that offers you to allocate budget wisely. We are nailing on the mobile platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube now but be sure that we will be on whatever emerges next.


Brands meet Creators

Pulpkey is best viewed on smartphone and desktop at the moment

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